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Module 3: Environment for homeschooling year 0 to 6 year old

This module deals with the environment for homeschooling.

0 to 6 years old
Remove clutter and arrange things in good order.
Place objects prior and safe for very young babies within the child’s reach
Education of the senses and activities of the sensitive periods of the child are vital
Opportunities for decision making and making choices which are critical for the future development of the child should be given
Involving the child in all day to day activities and exposing him to nature will help him understand the world around him

6 to 12 years
The child is given an overview of everything familiarising him with all the key concepts and educating him on all the various subjects the Montessori way will help him understand the ecosystem he lives in
In the Montessori setting children acquire social and intellectual skills that gives him the right perspective of life and help them make wise choices about their role in the future

12 to 18 years

In this stage children are guided to acquire values and virtues social, moral and cultural.

Adolescence is a time of rapid change and growth
The young adolescent is highly vulnerable and uncertain having to cope with his hormonal changes physical and emotional and struggling hard to create his personal identity. Given the right employment and opportunity the adolescent becomes a productive member of ever changing society

Active listening being non-judgemental and empathetic are perhaps the most important aspects of communication. Children need good listeners and who better than the parents can fill the role. Listening with undivided attention, acknowledging their feelings and participating in the discussion will go a long way in connecting with our children and improving the relationship.