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Module 4: Steps outline for homeschooling

This module, very importantly, deals with approaching the issue, creating learning spaces at home, building basic skills in the learner and identifying local resources.

The stress is on open and free communication and valuing the opinion of the children - whatever the age. Most parents who take to homeschooling are untrained but the conviction that it will work is needed. A SWOT analysis can be done and a decision regarding this mode of education arrived at.

The home would serve as a resource space - things not being used should be discarded and space created where resource material and other learning aids must be neatly arranged.

An environment that has security, respect, unconditional love and acceptance should be provided. Age appropriate skills will be acquired by experiential learning. Practical life skills like washing and cooking, are essential for the child to follow a sequence and the need for order.

Imitating all the activities around them fosters in the children good self image, concentration, logical thinking, eye-hand coordination, problem solving and a love of work, besides developing care for oneself and others. Visits to local places to look for the purpose of the place, what happens there, the people involved and the resources utilized should be organized and are great learning experiences.

How to create a Montessori academic home with the necessary resources is a topic given due importance in this module.

Time spent with the family and activities done together are experiences that are very interactive and not solitary ones.

Family vacations should be planned and community services encouraged.