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Module 8: Resources

This module highlights the philosophies of enlightened educationists like J Krishnamurthi, Tagore, Aurobindo, Gandhiji and Maria Montessori.

While J Krishnamurthi asserted that education was not about preparing for a job but for life itself, Sri Aurobindo emphasized that education should be in accordance with the needs of our modern life and should promote physical, mental and spiritual development.

Tagore’s educational experiment was Shantiniketan. He felt that education should be deeply rooted in one’s surroundings and the curriculum should revolve around nature. Gandhiji firmly believed in giving the child a well balanced all round education in which the intellect, the body and the spirit develop together making the child “a complete man”.

Online learning has its own advantages and disadvantages. The child should be weaned away from media based learning by organising active indoor and outdoor activities. Long term projects on subjects the child is passionate about should be started and his efforts acknowledged.