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Module 9: Equipping for each stage

This module deals with equipping the teacher with the necessary tools and techniques to deal with children. Rigorous training courses are available which are necessary to deal with the children’s psychology and their needs which is a tall order. Online courses are also available for parents with no home support and living away from training centres. These courses help gain access to content that may not be available otherwise. There are courses across the world for different age groups. Undergoing a proper course equips one with the required knowledge and skill to deal with the child. Certification not only furthers the parents’ conviction but also adds value and they are listened to by the family and others around them. Sharing and learning are very important byproducts of training among friends and alumni groups. Higher education options are many. Children can pursue various specialised courses of their choice which are more interesting than the conventional subjects offered. Acquiring proficiency in any second language helps (French is an option). Completing a few levels will help choose this as a second language in college.