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  1. amadeus
  2. nuggets

YM Nuggets Home - "Propel your goals"

by organizing ideas, information, and tasks.

  1. Nuggets are small pieces of digested information with links to articles online.
  2. A whole library of them can be built by you in your chosen area of expertise, using abstractspoon's todolist or CherryTree.
  3. Nugget Banks (personal files) - an app we are building will let you organize libraries and banks in a single workspace.
  4. Personal tasks and activities (referring to libraries) can be organized into tabs and windows in your banks as your own personal knowledge management tool..

For Example:
- A UN affiliated Charity Could create course material on the SDGs for Children and this becomes a library
- You create another library with exercises and class notes and publish it to your students
- The students use our app to create workspaces including both libraries and flood it with their tasks / notes.

- Orgs and Teams have a way of knowledge management / intangibles as trackable tasks.
- Your personal ambitions can be furthered by subscribing to the libraries of your favourite gurus / teachers
- More organizations like yieldmore come forward to create courses / libraries

Since the foundation is a little text / html around a link online (a digest), the libraries themselves are only LINKS to RESOURCES ONLINE, but around a topic.

A small document is already in the works which has a mockup

We will also build a feature to navigate TDL/CT files (nugget banks / libraries) into Amadeus (which powers our website). This would likely be a drive feature.

You can already begin making your library by checking out TDL / CherryTree below: